Archives and Communications Ministry | Living Hope Methodist Church

Archives and Communications Ministry



  • To meticulously archive church-planned events through photo and video documentation
  • To ensure vibrancy and accuracy of information on official online media
  • To keep members updated on current happenings in church


The Archives and Communications Ministry aims to document and record church activities and milestones accurately, as well as to communicate and connect with church members and non-believers through social media platforms and the church website. This ministry seeks to preserve LHMC’s history and continue recording information that will be instrumental to the church in the years to come.

Design Team

The Design Team consists of creative and innovative people. They work together to design and produce banners, flyers, bulletins, logos and key visuals that support the different ministries in church.

Photo and Video Team

Members in this team have a passion for photography and videography, choosing to serve God by capturing images at important events and happenings in church, and putting together videos to celebrate the church’s key events.

Social Media Team

Reaching out to church members through social media platforms is key in this day and age. The Social Media Team routinely uploads and posts information such as sermon summaries, pictures, videos, testimonies and Scripture on our Facebook page to keep church members and the public connected whether at work, school, or home.

For more information about the Archives and Communications Ministry or to join the team, please email Mr Samuel Bey at


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