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Discipleship and Nurture Ministry

The Bible is God’s main channel of communication with us. Through the Living Word He reveals His Plans, His Will, His Purposes, His Guidance, His Direction, His Love, His Grace ……. The Word brings Knowledge, Understand and Wisdom to all aspects of our lives: personal, family, study, market place and ministry. Thus it is important to let the Word of Christ richly dwell in us.The objective of Discipleship & Nurture Ministry is to establish relevant and faith stretching training for our community. The curriculum is designed to provide continual education and focuses on increasing Biblical Literacy so that we can live as true Disciples of Christ.

Discipleship is important yet few believers are discipled. Many of us grow up spiritually by self-study or watching how another believer grow, rather than being discipled. Often we leave new believers to grow by themselves, even though Christ commanded us in Matt 28 to make disciples, teaching them to obey all His commandments. Discipling is not just teaching lessons, but building relationships that help believers obey Christ in love.

Everyone can be a discipler, for unlike the spiritual gift of teaching, discipling is for every believer. We are commanded to make disciples of all nations. You can disciple another believer when you have been discipled. The goal is not uniformity because each one is unique and different; but conformity to the likeness of Christ.

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There will be two terms in a year:
Term 1 – January to May
Term 2 – July to November

Classes are held on Thursday nights 7:30 – 9:30pm

2019 Term 2 we are offering these three modules:
Survey of the Bible – New Testament
Growing Up in Christ
Message of Christ


New Testament Survey
Class Duration 8 Aug – 23 Nov 2019
Thursday Night 7:30 – 9:30PM

Cost – $25 for course book

Why attend the New Testament Survey class?
We all have our favorite passages in the Bible. However, in order to get the most out of these passages, understanding the context and circumstances of the passage is crucial. For 17 weeks we will trace the ancient paths by reading the 27 New Testament books, observing the development of key events, and studying the concerns of the Early church leaders.
Discover truths in themes such as Radical Disciple-making Strategy, The Explosive Power of the Spirit, A People Set Apart, and Disciples Never Lose Hope.

– Understand the general context, historical timeline and themes of the New Testament
– Explore how the early church was born and how believers live
– Appreciate that salvation was a gift for the Gentiles
– Learn about the Eternal Hope and Jesus’ Coming Back
– Discover how the Old Testament is revealed in the New Testament.

Growing Up in Christ Topical Studies

Class Duration 4 Jul – 22 Aug 2019
Thursday Night 7:30 – 9:30PM

Cost – $25 for course book

In this 8 weeks of topical study on Growing Up in Christ, we will learn the important basics and applications on how to have personal intimacy and devotion with our Lord Jesus.
Topics Include
1. Making Disciples – Matt 28 :18 -20
2. Being A Disciple – Luke 9 :23 -24
3. Privilege of A Quiet Time – Mark 1: 35 , Josh 1:8
4. Anchoring on God’s Word ( Bible study ) – 2 Tim 3:16 -17 , Ps 119 – 9,11
5. Understanding the Heart of Prayer – Matt 6: 6-8, Luke 11:9
6. Intimacy in Worship –Ps 63 :1-8
7. Love – Mark 12: 30-31
8. Witness – Matt 28:20

Jesus called his disciples to enter the Kingdom of God. He taught his disciples to embrace and understand Kingdom rules and values. He walked with his disciples and showed them the way of Kingdom Life.
We need to develop attributes of discipline, dedication and devotion to follow the master trainer -Jesus Christ.
We will walk with other disciples; encourage, nurture and challenge each other to grow toward maturity in Christ.
We strongly recommend you to take this class together with the Message of Christ class.

Message of Christ Topical Studies

Class Duration 29 Aug – 24 Oct 2019
Thursday Night 7:30 – 9:30PM

Cost – $25 for course book

This series of topical studies on the Message of Christ covers several biblical themes, helping us better understand Christian Doctrine and the content of what we believe in.
The topics that the module cover includes:
1. The three-person God- Uncover the mystery of the Trinity, and what it means that our God is a being in community with Himself through all eternity.
2. God’s image- Explores how the Trinitarian nature of God helps us understand how we are made in His image.
3. Sin- Explores how sin has damaged our relationship with God, each other and God’s creation.
4. Grace- Explores how God keeps coming after us despite our rebellion- an ultimate demonstration of God’s.
5. Redemption- Discovers how we are redeemed by God through Christ’s death on the cross.
6. Justification- Reveals what God does for us to make us right with Him, transforming us from within by the New Birth.
7. Adoption- Explores how we are drawn up into the life of God and are adopted as HIs sons and daughters when we are born again.
8. Trust- Explores how trusting God means following Him wherever He leads us, obeying and having confidence in our promise-keeping God.
9. Justice- Explores how God’s love and biblical justice turns our hearts to the poor and needy to address their spiritual, emotional and physical needs while exposing the different forms of injustice and exploitation.
Recommend to take this class with the Growing up in Christ class.

Q: Who should attend the Biblical Survey module?
A: For those wanting to have a clearer overview of the bible in its historical and written context. Strongly recommended for those who facilitating cell group discussions.

Q: Who should attend the Growing up in Christ/ Message of Christ topical study class?
A: For those wanting to develop a sustainable and effective disciple making strategy. Recommended for members serving in various ministries.

Q: Do I need to sign up for both Growing up in Christ and Message of Christ class?
A: We strongly recommend you to take both the classes for effective and fruitful learning.

Q: Any pre-requisite to attend these classes?
A: Willing to commit about 1 -2 hrs per week in reading and preparation before attending class.

Q: Is it compulsory to attend every lesson?
A: Try to avoid missing lessons as this will make your study less fruitful.

Q: How many participants per class?
A: Class size would be between 7 – 12 people.

Q: When is the registration closing date?
A: The cutoff date for will be 23 June 2019.

Q: I would like to find out more, who can I get in touch with?
A: Please contact Chris Liang (9125 9600) or David Chan (9615 7279) for more information.