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Sermon Podcast

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Sermon Note (Date, Time, Topic and Speaker) Audio
13 Aug 2017 Sunday 09:00am Service – Let Your Light Shine By Mr Will Stacken

06-Aug-2017 Sunday 09:00 AM service – Loving God through Giving By Rev Joshua Loo

30-Jul-17 Sunday 09:00am service –
Blessed Are Those Who Are Persecuted By Rev Ivan Tan

16-Jul-17 Sunday 09:00am Service –
Blessed are the pure in heart By Ms Magaret Lim

09-Jul-17 Sunday 09:00am Service – Blessed
Are The Merciful By Rev Joshua Loo

02-Jul-17 Sunday 09:00AM Service – The Gift 5 Loaves & 2 Fish By Rev Ivan Tan

25-Jun-17 Sunday 09:00 AM service – Weakness Strengths And Results By Pr Patrick Wu

18-Jun-17 Sunday 09:00 AM service – The Blessing of Family By Rev Shaun Chong

11-Jun-17 Sunday 09:00 AM service – Fellowship Of The Believers By Rev Ivan Tan

04-Jun-17 09:00AM Sunday Service – The Work Of The Holy Spirit – By Rev Joshua Loo

28-May-17 09:00AM Sunday Service –
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness –
By Rev Joshua Loo

21-May-2017 09:00am Sunday Service –
Blessed are the meek By Rev Ivan Tan

14-05-17 09:00AM Sunday Service
Blessed Are Those Who Mourn By Ms Margaret Lim

7th May 17 09:00 am sunday service – Blessed are the poor in spirit By Rev Ivan Tan

30-Apr-17 09:00am Sunday Service –
Believing the Resurrection –
Rev Dr Jimmy Tan

23-Apr-17 09:00 am Sunday Service – The Crucifixion What Next – Pr Patrick Wu


Easter –
Seeing The Risen Christ –
Rev Joshua Loo

14-Apr-17 – Good Friday –
Forgiveness – Rev Ivan Tan

09-Apr-2017 Sunday 09:00 AM service –
Repenting_Of_Our_Sins By Rev Ivan Tan

02-Apr-2017 09:00 AM Sunday Service – Confessing_Our_Sins by Rev Joshua Loo

26-Mar-2017 09:00 AM Sunday Service – Do_Not_Covet by Dr Kwa Kiem Kiok

19-Mar-2017 09:00 AM Sunday Service – Do_Not_Give_False_Testimony by Rev Ivan Tan

12-Mar-2017 09:00 AM Sunday Service – Do_Not_Steal by Rev Joshua Loo

05-Mar-2017 09:00 AM Sunday Service – Growing_roots_Bearing_fruit by Rev Ivan Tan

26-Feb-2017 09:00 AM Sunday Service – Do_not_commit_adultery by Dr Kwa Kiem Kiok

19-Feb-2017 09:00 AM Sunday Service – You_Shall_Not_Murder by Mr Daniel_Bey

12-Feb-2017 09:00 AM Sunday Service – Honour_Your_Father_And_Your_Mother

05-Feb-2017 09:00 AM Sunday Service – Remember_the_Sabbath_day_by_keeping_it_holy by Rev Joshua Loo

29-Jan-2017 09:00 AM Sunday Service – Do_not_misuse_God\’s_name by Rev Ivan Tan

22-Jan-2017 – 09:00 AM SERVICE – Walking_With_Jesus – Rev Dr Tan Soo Inn

15-Jan-2017 09:00 AM Sunday Service – Do_Not_Make_For_Yourself_An_Idol – By _Dr. Kwa_Kiem_Kiok

08-Jan-2017 09:00 AM Sunday Service – _Have_No_Other_God_- By Rev.Joshua_Loo

18-Dec-16 Sunday 09:00 am service – The_Sign_Of_Immanuel by Dr Kwa Kiem Kiok

11-Dec-2016 09:00 AM Service – Your_God_Will_Come – Bishop Emeritus Dr Robert Solomon

04-Dec-2016 09:00 AM Service – The_Branches_and_The_Banner – Ms Margaret Lim

27-Nov-2016 09:00 AM Service – The_Mountain_Of_The_Lord – Dr Kwa Kiem Kiok

20-Nov-2016 09:00 AM Service – Gods_Peace – Rev Joshua Loo

13-Nov-2016 09:00 AM Service – Fruitful_Witness – Rev Aaron Tay

06-Nov-2016 09:00 AM Service – Under_God\’s_Mighty_Hand – Rev Ivan Tan

30-Oct-2016 09:00 AM service – Finding_Joy_Through_Suffering – Daniel Bey

23-Oct-2016 09:00 AM Service – Living_For_God – Will Stacken

16-Oct-2016 09:00 AM Service – Suffering_for_Doing_Good – Rev Joshua Loo

09-Oct-2016 09:00 AM Service – Welcome – Pr Patrick Wu

02-Oct-2016 09:00 AM Service – Raising_Faithful_And_God_Honouring_Children Margaret Lim

07/May/2017 09:00 am Sunday Service –
Blessed_Are_The_Poor_In_Spirit by Rev Ivan Tan

07/May/2017 Sunday 09:00 am Service –
by Rev Ivan Tan