Sermons Podcast

Sermon Podcast

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Sermon Note (Date, Time, Topic and Speaker) Audio
09-Dec-2018 Sumday 09:00am Service – The Messenger : A Wakeup Call – By Rev Irene Thung

02-Dec-18 Sunday 09:00 AM Service -The Lord Our Righteous Saviour – By Mr. Will Stacken

25-Nov-18 Sunday 09:00 AM service -Bearing Fruit : Believers Accept Hospitality By Rev. Ivan Tan

18-Nov-18 Sunday 09:00 AM Service -Bearing Fruit: Believers Bear Witness- By Rev. Joshua Loo

04-Nov-18 Sunday 09:00 am service – Bearing Fruit – Believers Heal By Rev Ivan Tan

28 Oct 2018 Sunday -90:00 ams service -Community : God’s People Practice Hospitality By Dr Kwa Kiem Kiok

21-Oct-2018 Sunday 09:00am service -Community : God’s People are Greatful By Mr. Will Stacken

30-Sep-2018 Sunday 9 AM Children’s Day Special Service Message by Margaret Lim

23 Sep 2018 Sunday 09:00 am service – Singapore\’s Obligation to the Nations by Mr. Joseph Chean

16 Sep 2018 Sunday 09:00AM servi8ce – Community : God\’s People Live Truthfully By Mr.Daniel Bey

9 Sep 2018 Practices of community – Promise Keeping – By Rev Joshua Loo

02 Sep 2018 Sunday 9am servcie – Community : We Are God\’s People By Rev Ivan Tan

26 Aug 2018 Sunday 9am Anniversary Service – Enlarge Your Tent By Rev Dr Gordon Wong

1 9Aug 2018 Sunday 9am service – Fruit of the Sprit-Self-Control By Dr Kwa Kiam Kiok

12 Aug 2018 Sunday 9am service Fruit of the Sprit-Gentleness By Mr Will Stacken

5 Aug 2018 Sunday 9am service An Inconvenient Truth Rev Josuah Loo

29 Jul 2018 Sunday 9am service – Fruit of the Sprit-Faithfullness by Rev Ivan Tan

22 Jul 2018 Sudnay 9am servife – Our Hope In History By Rev Lawrence Ko

15 Jul 2018 Sunday 9am service – Fruit of the Sprit-Goodness By Rev Josuah Loo

8 Jul 2018 Sunday 09:00 am service – Fruit of the Sprit-Kindness By Rev Anthony Lee

1 Jul 2018 Sunday 09:00am service – We Are Stewards by Rev Ivan Tan